Equestrian Metal Buildings – The best building for a purpose is always determined by the considerations that are to be balanced in making the choice. Most often only two or three factors play an important role in making the choice. While these factors are considered important the advantages offered by these are weighed over the disadvantages in making the final conclusion. Equestrian needs are totally different in comparison to the other areas where steel structures are extensively used. So this area needs quite a bit of research before settling in on a design.

Different types:
The type of building is chosen based on the requirements. Horse arenas, storage rooms and stables are all available from the manufacturers of steel frame buildings. The riding arena is normally built to provide extra clearance that is provided for the movement of a number of horses at a time. The building can be designed to include a storage room and other requirements as per a specific clients needs. Arch type buildings can reduce the total usable area and straight wall types are preferred in certain cases.

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The type finally depends on the purpose and here, the number of horses to be accommodated, the total area required for storage purposes and the doors to be provided for free movement f the personnel in the facility.

Finding the right size:
Choosing the right size is very important as it dictates the comfort of the horses as well as the horse riders. Also sufficient space has to be included for spectator stands. So while choosing the size of a equestrian riding arena or a stable all the factors have to be considered so that the horse riding space does not in any way affect the riding experience of the horse rider.

Clear spanning types with overhead beams are ideal for construction of equestrian use buildings as the reason is quite evident. 40 to 80 inches width is appropriate for areas where training and practice sessions are held while an increased width ranging from 100 inches is required for racing purposes and other needs.

How cost matters:
Reduction in price compared to traditional buildings is a reality when steel buildings are used. Cost reduction anywhere from 40 – 60 % is possible for the initial set up. The costs are compared based on the clearance area rendered for the available area and strength and durability of the building. Efficient usage of the available space is important in horse stables and different buildings are compared based on the prices after a break even on advantages is achieved. While cost factors are considered important it is essential to keep the primary purpose in mind.

Equestrian buildings have specific needs which are most often not addressed by the traditional materials and methods used. One important factor that has to be considered in horse stables in the clearance space available for use. It has been noted that up to 200 to 300 feet clearance is possible without the need to use pillars for support. Also, they are resistant to attack by termites and other such organisms.

One noted disadvantage with wood is that it does not stay for long as it gets affected by chewing and damage caused by retaining water. This is overcome by using steel structures where these effects are not found. Easier maintenance and cleaning makes it ideal for equestrian purposes. The beams can be used for storing hay stacks. Also with the use of Equestrian Metal Buildings, sunlight can effectively penetrate thus saving on electricity when required. Accumulation of moisture and also heat transfer is controlled by efficient insulation. Air flow is also optimized by choosing a good design.